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What is the 100 Club?

The Association runs the 100 Club to raise funds for the Bell Restoration Fund. The way it works is that members pay a subsciption of £12 and are entered into 5 draws through the year.
There are four prize draws, usually at business meetings, and one Superdraw at the Association's AGM.
If fully subscribed the first prize will be £50 at the prize draws and £100 at the super draw.

Joining the 100 Club

Joining, and so helping to support the Bell Restoration Fund, is simple. Just click the enrolment form link at the bottom of this page, print a copy, fill it in and return the form to the 100 Club Organiser.

100 Club Winners

Prize Draw - June 2017

1st   Geoff Burton - Stoke Minster
2nd   David and Margaret Simpson - Stone
3rd   Pat Jones - Stafford
4th   Rose Pemberton - Sandon

Prize Draw - March 2017

1st   Rosemarie Harris - Gnosall
2nd   Emma Sanderson - Stafford
3rd   Jeanette Butt - Sandon
4th   Barry Gooding - Rolleston

Prize Draw - February 2017

1st   Rosemary Maddocks - c/o Stoke
2nd   Sue Wildman - Dilhorne
3rd   Jean Nixon - Penkridge
4th   Margaret Carnall - Caverswall

Super Draw - December 2016

1st   Heather Whieldon - Stoke Minster
2nd   John Hall - Stoke Minster
3rd   Barry Gooding - Rolleston
4th   Jean Nixon - Penkridge

Prize Draw - October 2016

1st   John Hall - Stoke Minster
2nd   Jenny Beech - Stone
3rd   Jill Rogers - Barton under Needwood
4th   Geoff Burton - Stoke Minster

Prize Draw - June 2016

1st   Vilma Pugh - Stoke Minster
2nd   Selwyn Jones - Stafford
3rd   Ray Daw - Stoke Minster
4th   John Hall - Stoke Minster

Prize Draw - March 2016

1st   Margaret Burton - Stoke Minster
2nd   Chris Adams - Eccleshall
3rd   Pat Jones - Stafford
4th   Jackie Kent - Dilhorne

Prize Draw - February 2016

1st   Alan Walters - Alton
2nd   Helen Thurstan - Dilhorne
3rd   Annie Stringer - Sandon
4th   Wendy Baskerville - Eccleshall

Super Draw - December 2015

1st   Ray Daw - Stoke Minster
2nd   Chris Adams - Eccleshall
3rd   Rose Pemberton - Sandon
4th   Sue Wildman - Dilhorne

Prize Draw - October 2015

1st   Helen Thurston - Dilhorne
2nd   Pat Jones - Stafford
3rd   Jim Nixon - Penkridge
4th   Barry Gooding - Rolleston

100 Club Documents

The documents for the Association 100 Club can be accessed through the following links:

100 Club Constitution

100 Club Poster

100 Club Enrolment Form

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