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100 Club

What is the 100 Club?

The Association runs the 100 Club to raise funds for the Bell Restoration Fund. The way it works is that members pay a subsciption of £12 and are entered into 5 draws through the year.
There are four prize draws, usually at business meetings, and one Superdraw at the Association's AGM.
If fully subscribed the first prize will be £50 at the prize draws and £100 at the super draw.

100 Club Winners

Super Draw - December 2017

1st Barry Gooding - Rolleston
2nd Emma Sanderson - Stafford
3rd Elizabeth Day - Stafford
4th Rose Pemberton - Sandon

Prize Draw - October 2017

1st David Jack - Ipstones
2nd Jim Nixon - Penkridge
3rd Tim Hine - Stafford
4th Sue Wildman - Dilhorne

Prize Draw - June 2017

1st Geoff Burton - Stoke Minster
2nd David and Margaret Simpson - Stone
3rd Pat Jones - Stafford
4th Rose Pemberton - Sandon

Prize Draw - March 2017

1st Rosemarie Harris - Gnosall
2nd Emma Sanderson - Stafford
3rd Jeanette Butt - Sandon
4th Barry Gooding - Rolleston

Prize Draw - February 2017

1st Rosemary Maddocks - c/o Stoke
2nd Sue Wildman - Dilhorne
3rd Jean Nixon - Penkridge
4th Margaret Carnall - Caverswall

100 Club Documents

The documents for the Association 100 Club can be accessed through the following links:

100 Club Constitution

100 Club Poster

100 Club Enrolment Form

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