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Sat 6th May 2017


Quarter Peal Week - Sat 29th April to Sun 7th May

What it's about
This event could provide you with the opportunity to ring in a quarter peal with a steady band and if you have not rung a quarter peal before perhaps this is the time to take the plunge. For others, it might be possible to ring a new method or conduct your first quarter peal or just to ring some quarters for the fun of it.

Some more experienced people are needed to give support to other ringers in a quarter, including conducting, so please consider your availability and put it on the forms sent to all towers.

Local Band Quarters
The quarter peal week includes two Sundays and we hope that local bands will be encouraged to attempt quarters on their own bells on these days. The week between the two weekends can also be used by local bands in the same way as the Sundays, but in addition, people may like to ring quarters with mixed bands, and if enough towers and ringers are available we will try to co-ordinate those as well.

Quarter Peal Day - Sat 6th May
The main event is quarter peal day. This is when those who have volunteered will be ringing at towers all around North Staffordshire in quarters arranged by the organisers. The day will conclude with a social evening in a pub serving food.

Taking Part
To take part in any (or all) of these activities, please ensure that you are included on the forms that have been sent to all towers. If you need an extra copy click here to view and print one.

All forms need to be returned by Sat 8th April to allow the organisers time to sort out the arrangements.

Further Details
If you have any questions or would like further information
please contact Phil Gay on or email

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