North Staffs Association
Striking Competition Results
2017 Six-Bell

 Sat 3rd June 2017 at Dilhorne


Pos Team Faults Photos
1st  Stafford - Grandsire Doubles  4 - Gold  Band
2nd  Stone - Cambridge Surprise Minor  6 - Gold  Band
3rd  Rolleston - Grandsire Doubles  13 - Gold  Band
  Dilhorne - Call changes  Bronze  Band
  Rolleston - Scratch - Call changes  Silver  Band
  Sandon - Call changes  Bronze  Band
  Sandon - Scratch - Call changes  Bronze  Band
  Stoke - Grandsire Doubles  Gold  Band

Judge:    Anne & Michael Orme

Borrett Cup:   Rolleston on Dove Scratch

Notes:   The first three teams are ordered by the position that they came in. The remaining teams are listed alphabetically.

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