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Below is a list of all rings of three or more bells in the North Staffordshire Association area.       A clickable map of the towers is also available.

Click here for a list in   Practice Night order

TowerBellsWeightSunday RingingPractice Night
Adbaston, St Michael & All Angels 7-0-0     
Alstonefield, St Peter 10-3-10  By arrangement   
Alton, St Peter 22-2-2  10:15am  Monday 7:30pm 
Audley, St James Gt 15-0-18  10am (also practice 7pm by arrangement)  Tuesday 7:30pm 
Barlaston, St John 5-0-11  10:00am by arrangement  Friday 7:00pm 
Barton under Needwood, St James 14-1-26  09:45am  Wednesday 7.30pm 
Baswich, Holy Trinity 5-2-0     
Betley, S Margaret 10-0-22  9:00am and 6:00pm  Monday 7:30pm (Check with tower) 
Biddulph, St Lawrence 9-2-3  10:30am and 6:00pm  Friday 7.30pm (please ring to confirm.) 
Blore, St Bartholomew 8-0-18    Unringable 
Bradley, St Mary & All Saints 10-0-0    Unringable 
Bramshall, St Laurence 4-1-2     
Broughton, St Peter 15-1-18  Ringing by arrangement   
Brown Edge, St Anne 10-0-15  10am and 6pm  Wednesday 
Burton upon Trent, St Paul 10  28-2-9    Monthly by arrangement 
Burton upon Trent, St Modwen 18-3-22  10:15am  Monday by Arrangement 
Burton upon Trent, All Saints 21-1-6     
Burton upon Trent, St Chad 13-3-6  9:30am  Friday 7:30pm 
Burton upon Trent, Horninglow, St John Divine 11-0-4  9:45am  Tuesday 7:30pm 
Butterton, S Bartholomew 8-3-10    Unringable 
Cauldon, St Mary & St Laurence 6-2-0    Unringable 
Caverswall, St Peter 8-1-14  10:00am  Wednesday 7:00pm 
Cheadle, CofE, St Giles 13-1-14  10:00am  Wednesday 7:45pm (Check with tower) 
Cheadle, RC, St Giles 14-2-0  9:50am - 10:30am. Also Sat 4:30pm  Tuesday 7:00-8:30pm 
Chebsey, All Saints 8-0-0     
Checkley, St Mary & All Saints 12-0-0  10:15am  Friday 
Cheddleton, St Edward Confessor 11-0-18  9:30am  Monday 7:30pm 
Church Eaton, St Editha 9-3-9  9:00am (1st, 2nd & 4th)  Tuesday 8pm 
Church Leigh, All Saints 14-2-12     
Denstone, All Saints 5-0-0     
Dilhorne, All Saints 9-0-3  9:30am  Thursday 7:30pm 
Draycott in the Moors, St Margaret 11-0-25  By arrangement  Monday 7:30pm 
Dunstall, S Mary 9-3-4  By arrangement  By arrangement 
Eccleshall, Holy Trinity 10-3-11  9:30am and 6:00pm  Monday 7:45pm 
Ellastone, St Peter 13-0-0     
Gnosall, St Lawrence 14-3-19  9:30am and 5:45pm  Friday 7:30pm
(Ring 07490 7-six-111-five for access) 
Hanbury, St Werburgh 13-2-11  9:30am  Occasional by arrangement 
Haughton, St Giles 5-3-21  10:30am (1st & 3rd), 8:30am (2nd), 9:30am (4th)  Monday 8:00pm 
High Offley, St Mary 7-3-14    Monday 
Hoar Cross, Holy Angels 28-1-17  9:15am   
Horton, St Michael & All Angels 8-0-23  11am  Tuesday 8:00pm 
Ilam, Holy Cross 9-0-0    Wednesday 8pm occasionally 
Ingestre, St Mary Virgin 13-0-9  10:45am (2nd & 4th)  Tuesday 7:45pm 
Ipstones, St Leonard 5-0-15    Thursday 
Keele, St John 8-0-2  10:30am  Wednesday 7:00pm 
Keele, Woodlands, 0-3-19    Ringing by arrangement 
Kidsgrove, St Thomas 11-0-4  10:00am  Tuesday 8:00pm 
Kingsley, St Werburgh 11-0-24  10:30am  By arrangement 
Leek, St Edward Confessor 10  18-2-0  8:45am  Thursday 7:30pm 
Madeley, All Saints 11-0-26  10:30am  Friday 7:30pm (Check with tower) 
Marchington, St Peter 10-1-24  9:00am  Monday 7:45pm (Check with tower) 
Mayfield, St John Baptist 11-2-19  9:55am  Alternate Thursdays 7:45pm (Check with tower) 
Mucklestone, St Mary 11-0-0    Unringable 
Newborough, All Saints 7-2-6    Unringable 
Newcastle under Lyme, St Giles 12  16-2-10  No ringing at present  Friday - currently suspended. Bells available on Friday evenings via tower contact. 
Newcastle under Lyme, Silverdale, St Luke 9-2-18  By Arrangement   
Newcastle under Lyme, Wolstanton, St Margaret 13-1-13  9:30am  Friday 7:30pm (2nd & 4th) 
Norbury, St Peter 6-2-0    Unringable 
Norton in the Moors, St Bartholomew 12-2-2  9:30am and 6:00pm  Friday (Check with tower) 
Rangemore, All Saints 7-0-7  By arrangement  Occasional by arrangement 
Rocester, St Michael 13-0-17  10:00am and 6:00pm   
Rolleston on Dove, St Mary 11-2-20  6:00pm  Thursday 7:30pm 
Sandon, All Saints 6-2-19  10:45am  Monday 7:30pm 
Seighford, St Chad 6-3-20  Ringing times vary  Friday 7:45pm (Alternate Fridays) 
Sheen, St Luke 6-3-0  By arrangement  Monday 7:30pm 
Stafford, St Mary 10  19-0-11  9:00am and 6:00pm  Wednesday 7:45pm 
Stafford, Castle Church, St Mary 8-0-0     
Standon, All Saints 8-3-19    Unringable 
Stoke on Trent, Bucknall, St Mary 10-1-4     
Stoke on Trent, Burslem, St John Baptist 11-2-0    Unringable 
Stoke on Trent, Fenton, Christ Church 14-0-0     
Stoke on Trent, Hanley, S John Evangelist 10  18-2-2    Unringable 
Stoke on Trent, Stoke Minster, St Peter ad Vincula 10  17-3-3  9:45am and 5:15pm  Tuesday 7:45pm 
Stoke on Trent, Tunstall, Christ Church 10-1-22  9:30am and 6pm  Thursday (Except 2nd) 
Stone, St Michael 10  11-0-0  10:00am  Thursday 7:45pm 
Stowe by Chartley, St John Baptist 11-2-22  10:30am  By arrangement 
Stretton, St Mary 8-3-23  By arrangement  By arrangement 
Swynnerton, St Mary 7-1-8  8:45 to 9:15am  Friday 7:45pm (Alternate Fridays) 
Tatenhill, St Michael & All Angels 6-3-0    Unringable 
Tutbury, St Mary Virgin 10-2-5  5:20pm  Thursday 7:30pm 
Uttoxeter, St Mary 17-3-1  9:00am  Thursday 7pm to 8pm 
Warslow, St Lawrence 6-0-0     
Waterfall, SS James & Bartholomew 6-3-4     
Wetton, St Margaret 6-2-18  Ringing times vary  Thursday 7:30pm 
Whitmore, St Mary & All Saints 3-2-0  2nd Sunday 10:30am  Thursday 9:00am 

Full contact details for individual towers are available in the Association Handbook and Annual Report. See the Publications page for details.

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